JCtrans Logistics Network
Established in 2003, JCtrans Logistics Network ( is a global logistics network with a registered capital of 100 million RMB and 300 staff.

Since founded, JCtrans relies on e-commerce and online public platform to provide global networking services for freight forwarders and other logistical service providers, by means of network marketing promotion, transaction, settlement platform, financial protection, credit system and other diversified services. With abundant domestic and international resources of logistics and trading industry, JCtrans aims to build a centralized, safe and fast logistics transaction and settlement platform, on which traders can seek freight forwarders to expand procurement channels and freight forwarders offer logistics solution services to global partners to build long-term cooperation relationships.
JCtrans has been monopoly awarded “The Best B2B Website” “The Best Media of China Logistics” “Top 100 of China E-commerce Industry Website” “Top 100 of China Business Website” etc… JCtrans will constantly innovate products and improve services to satisfy the real demands of logistics industry.


     Organized by JCtrans Logistics Network, co-organized by Tianjin International Freight Forwarders Association, Exclusive sponsored by Real Logistics from Poland, Strategic Partner by Ghabze Solutions Europe from Hungry the 2nd Global Freight Forwarders Cloud Conference will be comprehensively upgraded through technological innovation, which provides you a “new” experience; precise and intelligent integration to match "global" logistics resources, strengthening communication and cooperation in the industry. Moreover,we take into account the demands of global agents with a 24h/5 days "full-time" meeting system, providing you a multi-scenario,multi-dimensional, diversified and all-round online interactive experience. And we will bring you the most popular way ofmarketing - Live Show Marketing. 15,000 visitors from 6,000 enterprises all over the world is expectedto attend this conference and we plan to invite specialistsfrom government, logistics association, etc to provide a diversified online conference.

Most popular part
'One-to-One meeting'

We have 12 years' experience
in the industry

The 5-day One-to-One meeting is one of the most active parts during the conference.

What can we offer

One-to-One Meeting, deep discussion, find your ideal partner

The most popular part One-to-One meeting will be arranged with high-density schedule, to help you make the best of time. Efficient system reservation, match business advantages precisely, choose your partner autonomously , this trip is definitely worthy!

Meet wise people and famous enterprises, prospect industry development direction with wide vision

This conference will invite industry leading enterprise representatives to make speeches, share new concepts of development, fresh measures, discuss Ways to Revitalize and Develop Logistics Industry.

Online Intelligent Exhibition

Online Intelligent Exhibition is another featured part of the 2nd Cloud Conference, also an important method for enterprises to improve brand value and raise reputation in industry. Build exhibition hall via Cloud Conference official website, set intelligent online booth for global logistics enterprises. Help exhibitors establish nice brand effect rapidly, and provide good chances for their operation and business development by online booth, so as to achieve win-win and development for the industry.


To Meet Thousands of Global Forwarders Face to Face,To Have Thousands of One to One Meetings,To Enjoy Unlimited Enquiries with Agents Worldwide
  • 6000+

    Around 6000 enterprises

  • 15000+

    Over 15000 delegates participating

  • 150+

    Over 150 countries

  • 5

    5 days meeting

  • 30

    30 mins for one round

  • 150+

    over 150 rounds of One-to-One meetings.